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Picaro for M4.


Halloween elfin A cobweb set for elfin to make a halloween elfin. Download Textures for Layer dress from Evil Innocence Cobwebs layers Cobwebs for this free dress, which fits many female characters. Download SweetPea from Rend more cobwebs, with bats this time. Download MCD Once again we have cobwebs and spiders for this cocktail dress.

Download Selene Black and silvery bats with cobwebs for this one Download Heidi v4 Tribal style bat designs and black cobwebby brocade for this new dress from daz. Download Tunic pack for Several figures Tunic pack A sexy little withc dress for the females that have a daz tunic pack. Steph, V3,V4 etc.


Download David Imagination set Purple silk with alchemistical designs, gown belt hat and pendant for a sorcerer or wizard. Download David EES suit Tatty and torn textures for this suit, for your discerning Loa or zombie Download Please note the vampire is wearing the same suit but with textures already on site on page 8 Textures for Wood Goddess for V4 from Daz Wood Goddess Holiday styles for this outfit, an bright Chismassy one and an icy Winter one, which also includes a tex for the cape and cloak.

Download Xmas Fantasy set for V4 Arkana Bright reds and greens with gold bling, just for the holidays. Download Filosofy Rich deep fabrics in red and green, with evergreen type trim for an Xmas princess. Download Fae Realms This one is in rich red and gold with gold lace overlay. Download Elfin Poinsettia leaves and other evergreens combine to make this seasonal texture. Download Urban warrior A slightly tongue in cheek red sweater and green trous for M4 using Urban warrior. Also a Christmas sweater and trousers using Guderun's free pullover and jeans Renderosity frestuff.

Includes a generic superman and a super Santa tex just for fun. Download Fable Xmas A set in red and green to turn fable into a fun outfit for Santa's little helpers. Download Textures for Mrs. A shimmery snowy gown in blue and white, plus a bright purple and green one, for hogmanay or any other celebration. Download Mrs Santa pack 2 Day dresses in 4 colourways with toning aprons for more normal days in SantaLand.

Download Pastel Subtle pastel shades for a very feminine jester. Download Green-gold As it says a green and gold tunic for a male jester. Download Jester hat from Netherworks studio Jester hats Mardi Gras, black-red, green-gold and pastel textures to match the above sets. All done with the same theme so giving many opportunities for mixing and matching. Please note this is the outfit available from Renderosity.. Download Mafioso Burgudy velvet jacket with plaid trous pale green shirt and a Nodad in Christmas colours.

Download MadHatter Bright and breezy in red and green, ideal for the celebrations in wonderland.


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Download Tuxedo Bright red brocade with burgundy velvet, pale linen shirt and 2 versions of the waistcoat, either stylish or Nodad. Download Xmas Trog Just what your average Trog needs if he has ambitions to help Santa over the busy period. Download Christmas Xmas Kitty Xmas Kitty 4 furry textures for this free toon kitty from 3D Universe, plus 4 textures for little dragon's free shirt for kitty. Textures included to make Estelle, Judith and Yuri.

DAZ Studio and Poser Freebies and Other Stuff Too

Shown here rendered in my normal style, plus a postworked toon style image Download Note: Required products PoTs dress and Overskirt. A cobweb set for elfin to make a halloween elfin. Cobwebs for this free dress, which fits many female characters. Halloween set for MFD and exp pack 1 Dress over dress and sleeve textures with a cobweb scheme for you Halloween renders. Various tattoo layers to add to you fav V4 skin.

Pumpkins and cobwebs make a bright fun dress. Gary Miller's video tutorials are very easy to follow and you can find a tutorial for just about anything you want to do. You don't even have to register. Is there anything worthwile for casual renderers to dl? I have the free DS4 right now, but with what I want to do with that it's doing just fine. So any reason to dl Hex or Bryce? Are there any advantages over DS4Basic when it comes to just making renders for these games? So no backgrounds, etc. It seems not but who am I to judge? Whether that will ever actually happen or not is another matter!

The only one I would recommend is Hex and that is only if you want to make your own props and after some experience more than I have create clothing.

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One of the major reasons I and probably many others started using Hex was because I didn't want to spend money on props that I felt I could create or learn to create myself. See if any features interest you. It is free after-all:D I've downloaded Hexagon in the hopes that I'll be able to create some basic props that I can't find elsewhere. Trust me, those videos are are well worth watching, especially when your just beginning. Here's a link to my sharecg page. It only has 3 items, but since I only started with Daz about a year ago and actually creating only a few months ago I think I've come pretty far and it's mostly thanks to those tutorials.

Haven't made a start yet though. I actually downloaded the ring and hardcore weapon set - I think you linked to it elsewhere on the forum? They are really good, even if I haven't had as much chance to use them as I'd like.

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Are you the person who created the wrestling poses on renderosity recently? I have a feeling the folder name is Lucky for those too. Hmmmmm, unsure. Daz3 only just works on my laptop takes a while to change screens, load props and the like. I'm thinking that with extra features Daz4 is going to run even slower.

Any opinions on this one folks? After all, if its worth my while and free I'd like to try it, but I'd have to delete 3 to fit it on ie: Set up my sodding runtime again so I'd only wanna do it if I knew it was gonna work ok :. I did check out the link, thanks. Yeah, I linked it in the off-topic render thread a while back. I posted here mostly so people can see that it really doesn't take that long to learn and it isn't that hard to make basic props. The wrestling poses if we're talking about the same ones were done by "foreverslackin" on the Daz forums, I don't have any uploads on Renderosity.

I'm usually only found on these forums or more recently Deviantart and I upload freebies to sharecg. After all, if its worth my while and free I'd like to try it, but I'd have to delete 3 to fit it on ie: Set up my sodding runtime again so I'd only wanna do it if I knew it was gonna work ok : Hard to say without knowing your specs and the fact that I don't use Daz4 lol I can tell you that I did download the free version a while back and after only a couple hours of playing with it I went back to Daz3. Alas, HD morphs take forever to begin rendering on my old computer, so I do small and simple projects when using them.

The Crone render above took a while — not sure exactly how long because I gave up waiting and went to bed but it was more than three hours and less than six. Usually far too dark and orange-ish. Too much specular and they look really, really plastic.

Not enough and the skin looks flat, like above. And the new kittens, of course! Both are zonked out right now after a morning of strenuous kitty chase-and-ambush games.

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They really like the dust ruffle on the daybed in my office. Great for ambushing…gotta love those comical little butt wiggles before the dramatic pounce. Put it on one of my toony Art Doll morphs:. We adopted a couple of kittens — litter mates, not quite four months old.

Two calico girl kitties who are settling in nicely and causing havoc in the way kittens do. So far nothing too bad, though Tabitha took out the husband Tuesday night and Sabrina killed one of my reading lamps on Wednesday. The husband is fine — kitty got under his feet and in his effort to avoid stepping on her he fell and made a very large crash lol — and the lamp itself is a little off kilter but still working.